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The Real Retirement Life Income Fund (a.k.a. the “RRI Fund”), as described in the accompanying working paper, is designed to provide a level and steady stream of real cash flows from retirement until death, sufficient to provide a dignified standard of living in retirement.

The RRI Fund Calculator is developed in conjunction with the RRI Fund so as to determine the monthly contributions required by households until retirement. In order to remove the errors associated with inappropriate assumptions, the calculator has been consciously designed in a manner that minimises ambiguity.

The RRI Fund Calculator is structured into two parts:

1. Initial Survey – asks basic demographic questions to calculate how much you would need to contribute on a monthly basis if you were to commence today.

2. Gap Analysis – asks a series of questions that allows you to tailor the monthly contributions according to your own specific requirements, including:

• Changes to desired retirement age
• Current money available for immediate contribution to the RRI Fund
• Delaying or graduating monthly contributions
• Lump sum contributions upon retirement from sources such as CPF and Equity Release from property owned.

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Basic Information
Current age
Desired retirement age
62 63 64 65 66 67
Marital Status
Spouse current age
Retirement planning is difficult due to its long-term nature and high degree of uncertainty. Longevity and inflation are two key risks. With these issues being addressed, the result is now far more accurate than ever!

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Retirement Income per month $0
$1990 is the estimated median per capita monthly income upon retirement in Singapore
Adjust monthly retirement income Update
Monthly Contribution $0
This is your monthly saving before your retirement age.
Adjust monthly contribution Update
Retirement Age
Retiring later can either reduce your Monthly Contribution or increase your Retirement Income
62 63 64 65 66 67
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At Age62 Reset (Perform Gap Zeroing)
$ 0.00
Pressing “Reset (Perform Gap Zeroing)” will automatically calculate the Monthly Contribution that will set your Deficit or Surplus to zero.
Real Yield Curve
Cashflow Diagram Contribution Retirement Payout
NOTE: This calculator is in beta release. If you have any comments or feedback, kindly email: bizwts@nus.edu.sg
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By how much % point do you want to increase? (monthly)
How much of the lump sum will you contribute?
How much are you willing to contribute?
What is the current market value of your house?
What is the propotion of the above value do you want to contribute?
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